ISO 22000:2005

The Systems of food safety.
The requirements for each organisation belonging to the food chain.

International Organisation for ISO Standardisation has published in September 1st , 2005 , new ISO 22000:2005 standard.The standard of ISO 22000:2005 includes the food safety management. Systems as well as specifies the requirements for each organisation belonging to the food chain.

The standard is dedicated to all organisations, which by the scope of their activities participate in the food chain and are addressed especially to :

- The Producers of food,
- The Producers of food packaging,
- The Producers of raw materials and food additives,
- The Sellers of wholesale and retail in the food sector,
- The service providers in the sector of food and nutrition e.g. restaurants, bars, canteens and catering services, etc.
- The Producers of fodder,
- The suppliers of equipment, cleaning products and other materials connected with food production.

In the standard of ISO 22000:2005 used the terminology and definitions contained in the standard of ISO 9000:2000. As part of the standard of ISO 22000:2005 introduced PRP- the Prerequisites Programs which correspond to the rules of good manufacturing practice-GMP and good hygiene practice- GHP.

A key element in the standard of ISO 22000:2005 are described rules principles of HACCP, which are:

  1. The Analysis of hazards.
  2. The Identification of CCP.
  3. The Establishing of critical limits for CCP.
  4. The Describing the way of monitoring.
  5. The Establishing of corrective actions for CCP.
  6. The Characterising of the verification procedures.
  7. The Arrangement of the way of documentation.

The requirements contained in the standard are addressed in the effective control and the improvement of the implemented HACCP system as well as maintaining of the effective applications in the scope of good practises of GMP and GHP.

The organisations which implemented and use the principles of mentioned above standard can be audited to obtain the certificate of the compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.

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