IFS Food

International Food Standard

International Food Standard is an international standard of food safety, directed to the producers of food providing their own brand products to the network market. The standard was developed in 2000 by the representatives of French and Germany retail trade within the confines of Global Food Safety Initiative and it is constantly changing and improving. International Food Standard in its scope includes the requirements of good manufacturing practice- GMP , good hygiene practice- GHP, the system of safety of food – HACCP and the standards of ISO. Special emphasis is placed on the conformity of the products with European food law.

The standard consists of five chapters:

  1. The system of quality management and safety of food.
  2. Management responsibility.
  3. Resources management.
  4. Production processes.
  5. Measurement, analysis and improvement.

The basic criteria which the company must meet to obtain the certificate of compliance with the requirements of the IFS are :

  • Implemented HACCP system.
  • The proper functioning of the HACCP system.
  • The documented of all raw materials.
  • Conduct the control by the management over the efficiency of each employee and knowledge of their duties.
  • Definition of corrective actions and take them in the suitable time.

In July 2012 will apply the standard of IFS in version 6. All companies interested in certificate after this date must expose the audit for compliance with the requirements of the sixth version of IFS. The obtained certificate is valid for 12 months, after this term, the company which wants to show the IFS certificate must expose the next audit leading by auditors of an independent certification body. Obtaining a quality certificate for compliance with the requirements of the IFS is confirmation that the company produces its products under the controlled conditions to ensure their health safety as well as that that it is ready to deliver their products on the shelves of networks market.

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